About Literary Agents

Members of the Association of Scottish Literary Agents represent the rights and interests of writers and illustrators from all over the world.

Find out about the member agencies and how to contact them here.

What is a Literary Agent?

Literary Agents are a vital bridge between writers, illustrators and publishers. They present submissions on their clients’ behalf to publishers and to other media including film and TV, broadcast media and electronic platforms, and offer support and guidance to their clients relating to all their creative work.

Literary Agents work on a commission basis – so they take on only those writers and illustrators for whom they are confident of securing a publisher’s support.

They may offer some editorial guidance to their clients – but rarely otherwise.

How do I find a Literary Agent?

The Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook is one of several directories in which Literary Agents are listed. Every Literary Agency is different. Each reflects the enthusiasms and expertise of the individual agent. Your work will suit some better than others.

Research the possibilities carefully before you submit your work. Most Agencies have a website from which writers and illustrators will find out about the kind of clientele they represent, and the books with which they have had success.

Follow the guidelines set out by the Literary Agency.

ASLA is proud to be part of Literature Alliance Scotland which works to promote literature throughout the country.


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